March 2-3, will be held in Vladivostok edge finals «first pitch»

Finals of «Pervaya vysota» will be held in Vladivostok on 2-3 of March.

To the race tracks of athletic arena «Dynamo» (1, Adm.Fokina str, Vladivostok) will come around 300 athletes from different parts of the Primorsky Kray.

Efforts for the title of the strongest will be taken mong boys and girls born in 1998-1999 and 2000-2001 from Arsenyev, Spassky-Dalniy, Nakhodka, Kavalerovo, Bolshoy Kamen’, Partizansk and Olga.

The event is held under the supervision of the Athletics Federation of Primorsky Kray and the Department of Physical Education and Sports of the Primorsky Kray.

School teams of Primorsky Kray will show their  potentialities in tracking for 60 and 300 meters, long jump and high jump, as well as in relay race 4×100 meters.

Alexander Monastyrev, president of the Athletics Federation of Primorsky Kray: «For the development of the elite sport it’s better to start with a mass sport. And it is great to see how each time the number of children who chose sporty lifestyle grows. So, the work that holds Federation brings the desired results. It is one thing to attract guys in sports, and more, and it is much more difficult — to keep them, give each of them a feeling of what he can do. «Pervaya Vysota» — is the traditional competitions, which are held twice a year and give the opportunity for young athletes to test themselves. Of course, not all of them eventually go to the sport and will be recognized, but the desire to win, to conquer the height after height they will keep for a lifetime, it will help them to succeed in any field. I am absolutely convinced. »

Competitions will be held on the 2 of March (11.00 — opening ceremony and the beginning of the competition) and the 3 of March (10.00 — continuation and conclusion).

According to the results prize winners will be awarded with medals and diplomas, the winning team — diplomas and cups of the Primorsky Kray Administration.

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